Your company CEO gets paid too much

If you are an investor who owns stocks in your portfolio, your company board of directors may be doing you a disservice by paying the CEO too much. According to this article in the American Association of Individual Investors website, the company returns for CEOs that get paid in the upper tiers are much less […]

Tom’s Astronomical Journey

As you begin to read this blog, you may be wondering a little bit about how I got interested in this field. A friend recently took this photograph of me for the Delaware Astronomical Society (DAS) member pages and I realized that it really is a good photograph to describe my journey. My arm is […]

When Life Gets Complicated (Part 1)

One of the things that happen naturally as we age is that our minds age as well and tasks that seemed really easy start to feel more and more complicated. Most people wouldn’t think of these as tasks that are all that hard, but for an older person these can easily become confusing to the […]

Considering Joining A Startup?

Are you tired of working for a large company and feel you need to leave in order to find something meaningful? Or are you new in the workforce and not sure if you want to work for a big company, a small company or a startup? Then you’ll want to ask some questions of yourself […]

How to Take Stock of Expenses When You Lose Your Job

So, you’re job has come to an abrupt end and you’re wondering what to do since you’ve lost your source of income? First, to use the words of Douglas Adams in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, DO NOT PANIC! Instead use what follows to create a realistic picture of your expenses in order to […]

What Happened to Good Writing Skills?

Have you noticed how almost all job postings will say, “Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills?” Have you wondered why they even list this at all? Is there a way that you can get a “leg up” on other candidates by being successful in these skills today? The answer is most certainly, “Yes!”, […]

Giving Back through Citizen Science

Remember those days of university when you joined outside groups to pad your resume with activities to become more well-rounded? You were practicing giving back because you were investing yourself in those non-work activities. But now that you have that job, and perhaps family and probably working to move to the next level, it is […]

I’m Retired! So why am I so busy?

Several of my friends are retired, but still active in activities that interest them. One lament I hear frequently is, “I feel like I’m busier now than when I was working.” Two people have even told me that they feel their retired life is out of control with all their activities. In the corporate world, […]