2023 Year in Review and Year Ahead

The Year In Review This year turned out to be a really good year for the market with a 28% gain in the S&P 500. A full 15% of that came just during November and December, so that the Santa Claus Rally came true this year (after taking last year off). If we start to […]

2022 Year In Review and Year Ahead

Inflation Continues The Upward Spiral Unfortunately, that didn’t convince enough people and so inflation continued to rise. I am of the theory that inflation goes up when people feel that prices are going to continue to rise, and inflation goes down when people think that prices will fall. Thus, inflation becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. The […]

2021 Market Review and Year Ahead

This is my usual year-end review of the financial markets and economy as well as a look toward 2022 and what that will look like for investors. Another Year of Pandemic In addition to the pandemic news, other geopolitical issues drove the market this year. Whether it was the threat of China taking over everything, […]

2020 Market Review and Year Ahead

This end-of-year market review on the financial situation and predictions for 2021 is going to look at little different.  For one, I’m writing this at the end of 2021 which means it would be cheating for me to make predictions for the year already past.  However, I will make an attempt to think back to […]

The Lettuce Plant Investment Story

During the early summer months, my wife planted lettuce in our garden.  After it came up, we were able to enjoy lettuce salads every few days from the lettuce in the garden.  Eventually they were removed to make room for seeds for a different vegetable. The Lettuce Plant The Picking Analogy As I was enjoying […]

Financial Lessons: What You Can Learn From the Collapse of Archegos

Financial lessons can be learned in many different ways.  Experience can be one of the best ways to learn lessons.  Part of the learning process is making mistakes.  Surprisingly, it is not just people new to investing who can make big mistakes.  While it doesn’t happen as often, large companies can make large mistakes as […]

Lessons From My Dad’s Stock Pick

Back in the late 1960s, my father thought it would be a good idea to purchase a stock in my name. This first stock would turn out to teach me many lessons over the years. There was a tool called the Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UGMA) that allowed him to open an investment account […]

June 2020 — The Recovery of the Economy?

I saw an article in the Atlantic Monthly that was very doom and gloom and indicated that the pandemic is going to cause an economic collapse.  It basically says that the banks have gone back to the off-balance-sheet investments like they did with mortgages in the past, except this time it is with packaged up […]

Delaware AAII Investing SIG April 2020 Report

Well, here we are in April. Since the group has not met since February due to the pandemic, we have nothing more to report in terms of the meetings. In fact, the does not have plans to meet online for now. So this will be the last report until we restart the group at some point in the future when it is appropriate to gather 15-20 people together and the local library allows us to meet in their facility.

Delaware AAII Investing SIG March 2020 Report

March was a terrible month for the AAII Delaware Special Interest Group as we were hit with a one-two punch. The first punch was the market drop (and what later turned out to be bottom) on March 23rd resulting in all of our stop-loss triggers being sprung.

The second punch was that because of the closing down of the economy, including our regular library meeting place, we had no meeting to review our stocks.