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When Life Gets Complicated (Part 2)

In the last blog entry, I discussed how things we consider to be rather simple tasks can become more complicated as we age. Also mentioned was how additional home services can handle these tasks and allow someone to continue to live in their home rather than moving into a care facility, which is cheaper overall. […]

Chart of high CEO vs low CEO pay

Your company CEO gets paid too much

If you are an investor who owns stocks in your portfolio, your company board of directors may be doing you a disservice by paying the CEO too much.  According to this article in the American Association of Individual Investors website, the company returns for CEOs that get paid in the upper tiers are much less […]

When Life Gets Complicated

One of the things that happen naturally as we age is that our minds age as well and tasks that seemed really easy start to feel more and more complicated. Most people wouldn’t think of these as tasks that are all that hard, but for an older person these can easily become confusing to the […]

Considering Joining A Startup?

Are you tired of working for a large company and feel you need to leave in order to find something meaningful? Or are you new in the workforce and not sure if you want to work for a big company, a small company or a startup? Then you’ll want to ask some questions of yourself […]